Affordable Premium Driver Service

Hire full-time drivers no more. For a non-committal monthly fee, enjoy reliable 24/7 driver service charged at low hourly rates.

Singapore, Personal Driver Service, FIV, Membership

Premium Plan

Luxury & Comfort Round The Clock

Driver Guaranteed within 2 hours

Up to 4 Users

Up to 3 Cars

Singapore, Chauffeur Service, FIV, Membership

Corporate Plan

Hire Full-Time Drivers No More

Driver Guaranteed within 2 hours

Unlimited Users

Up to 4 cars

Why purchase a FIV Membership?

FIV offers premium driver services that are affordable and accessible to all car owners.

For a non-committal monthly fee, members get to enjoy reliable 24/7 driver service charged at low hourly rates. That means no more hassles and exorbitant costs from hiring a full-time contract driver!

Reliable 24/7 Driver Service

Book at least 2 hours in advance from 7am-11pm on weekdays, to guarantee booking anytime.

FIV membership, private driver

Invite users to join your account

If you want your family members or coworkers to also enjoy the comfort and luxury of a personal driver, you can now invite them to your account. Corporate plans allow unlimited users.

FIV membership, private chauffeur, singapore


When you are a FIV member, the hourly cost of our personal chauffeur service is only $30, regularly priced at $35 per hour. In addition, the one-time Midnight fee is also reduced to $25, regularly priced at $30.

FIV membership, private driver, singapore

Cancel anytime

No commitment. Cancel your membership anytime from the FIV app. Avoid the complication of hiring a part time or full time driver, and opt for our exclusive driver service on demand.

FIV membership, private chauffeur

Six plans

We offer a wide range of plans you can choose from. The Premium plans are designed for personal and family use, while the Corporate plans are mostly tailored for small to large businesses and corporations.

Personal driver FIV

1. Tap on Membership from the app menu

2. Browse the plans and choose the one the fits best your needs

Personal driver FIV

3. Click on “Purchase Plan” and confirm order

Personal driver FIV

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